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Most Requested Topics

Cybercrime and the Underground Cyber Economy

People, especially business leaders, want to know the “real” truth about cybercrime, the underground cyber economy and the actual threats they face. After 25 years defending against cyber criminals and extensive research for his book, Cybercrime: The Madness Behind the Methods, few are more knowledgeable on this topic. How do we defend against cybercrime? Dr. White's conclusion is that technology is not the answer and may in fact be part of the problem.

We’ve been breached: Now what?

Do you have adequate and up to date policies and procedures? Do you have a disaster plan in place? Do your employees know what to do when things go wrong? Now is the time to figure out what your response will be, not after the breach has occurred. It takes expert knowledge and experience to get this right. Dr White explains in-depth what a breach scenario looks like and how it plays out. You will learn what questions you need to answer today. Those questions after a breach, when time is critical, become more difficult to answer and make remediation more costly.

Regulations: Do They Help or Hinder Cybersecurity

The dynamic and fast-paced world of cyber defense is only outpaced by the speed with which cyber criminals change their tactics. In this environment do regulations really impact security? Will compliance make you more secure? Cybersecurity and compliance are two sides of the same coin. It’s all in the interpretation. Dr. White explains how to evaluate regulations for security implementation rather than minimalist compliance. You will learn to see regulations as being about accountability and how accountability should drive your security initiatives.

Cyberbullying … it is an EMERGENCY!

Human nature, psychological behavior, emotions, hormones, fear, anger, jealousy, you name it and it is somehow related to cyberbullying. It may not be a viral epidemic, but it can sure spread like one. Just encountering a cyberbully or his or her victim can put you or your child on the attacker’s radar. Bullying has always been around but now with networked technology one action quickly becomes many. From a technology perspective Dr. White explains how the network effect can take hold and what can be done to protect against cyberbullying.



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